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Epworth League

Epworth League

The Epworth League was founded on May 14, 1889 to help develop godliness and loyalty to God and the Methodist Church among the young people. It is the first denominational youth work in the history of the Christian Church. It took its name from John Wesley's birthplace, Epworth, Lincolnshire, England. The Epworth League was the precursor to the current Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF). 

At its conception, the purpose of the League was the promotion of intelligent and vital piety among the young people of the Church ranging from 18 to 35 years of age. The League had Bible studies, organized social events, and raised money for the Church and community.

Lee Chapel's Epworth League Chapter 5832 was organized in 1903 and functioned until nearly 1920. In 1916 it shows a membership of 84. 


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