Lee Chapel Cemetery - Donate


If you would like to donate to current projects at Lee Chapel - you may send a check to Burke United Methodist Church with "Lee Chapel" in the Subject Line or use PayPal by clicking here.

Burke UMC, 6200 Burke Centre Parkway, Burke, VA 22015 

We are also interested in donations of pictures, newspaper clippings, documents, etc. to further  gather the history of Lee Chapel. If you should like to donate please forward to Laverne Carson or Chip Carson.


Thank you to the following supporters of Lee Chapel:

Bloom, Janet

Blount, Joseph

Boli, Fred & Diane

Carson, Jan

Carson, Laverne

Carson, Matt & Heather

Carson, Wayne “Chip” & Peg

Clayton, Jim & Muriel

Coile, James

Evans, Bill & Dianna

Evans, Dennis & Karen

Farwell, Kit & Sandra

Flanagan, Martha

Gallimore, George & Lucy

Gentry, Tim & Darlene

Goss, Galen & Amy

Heermans, Charlene

Holleran, Michael & Vicki

Hottle, Sally

Hubbard, Linda

Hunter, Nella

Jaeger, Tom & Sallie Ann

Kapuscinski, Rich & Susan

Kovalesky-Mclaine, Linda

Lamont, Jeffrey & Tamara

McDonald, Cindy

Meeks-Versteeg, Susan

Meling, John & Myrna

Miller, Georgia

Moden, Kim

Monroe, June Edith Rice

Mudd, Barry & Mary

Murray, Claire

Neal, Suzanne Fowler

Newland, Joseph

Nowak, Barbara

Phillips, Kevin & Katie Carson

Putnam, Betty

Rice, Harry Lee

Rice, Richard Frank

Rice, Ronald (Ron) E.

Roy, Donna

Slawski, Brian

Stautde, Gerry

Sutton, Michael & Amanda Carson

Swenson, John & Sheila

Tallant, Gil & Annette

Tison, Don & Annette

VandenBerghe, John & Sonja

Vankuren, Leslie & Janet

Vrana, Jon D.

Wolfinger, Janet

Yowell, Butch & Margaret